New Generation Silver Paste MX-1801
for HJT-cells

Efficiency & Reliability

Up to 5% more top efficiency solar cells

Efficiency gain up to +0.25%

5% higher ISC. Cell power increased by 3%

Ultra fine-line printing

Down to 30 μm opening

Low resistivity

Low contact resistivity (below 6.4×10-6 Ω•cm2)
Low grid resistivity (below 7×10-6 Ω•cm)

Excellent reliability

Efficiency degradation <5% after DH2000 and TC400

Lower consumption per cell

Wet laydown <0.1g

Easy to store

No refrigeration required. Can be stored and processed at room temperature

Environmentally-friendly product

Lead and Cadmium free

aluminum pastes for PERC
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