ag pastes for PERC

Aluminum pastes for conventional solar cells

Efficiency & Reliability


Aluminum pastes PASE-series are specially designed for BSF solar cells. The pastes feature high efficiency and adhesion as well as provide good cell morphology.

Aluminum pastes PALF-series are lead-free, yet they come with all the features of PASE-series pastes.
al pastes for solar

Aluminum Pastes for Conventional Solar Cells: Quality & Reliability

High efficiency

Thick and uniform BSF layer. Lower contact resistance between aluminum and tabbing pastes.

Lower solar cells breakage rate

450+ thousand extra solar cells per each GW. 0.2% lower breakage rate vs. industry average. Below 1.5 mm bow at high adhesion after lamination.

Solar module relaibility

Excellent hot water test result

Focusing on quality management

100% outgoing quality control. Full simulation of customers' conditions at own metallization line. Statistically based quality control from batch to batch throughout supply chain.

"Client first" approach

24/7 customer support. Immediate feedback. Paste recipe optimization for customers' specific conditions

Technology leadership translated into market

5 out of top 10 solar cell manufacturers use Monocrystal aluminum PV paste. 18-year succeful track record of PV paste production and supply. Over 25 GW worldwide installations manufactured with Monocrystal aluminum paste.

aluminum pastes for PERC
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