ag pastes for PERC

Back side silver pastes for PERC cell design

Efficiency & Reliability


Silver-based paste for forming rear contacts with the screen-printing technique on mono- and multicrystalline silicon wafers

Back side silver pastes for PERC cells significantly contribute to solar cell efficiency and help to manage solar cell cost.

MY-series for rear tabbing was specially developed to meet the demand for product with efficient balance between silver content and paste laydown. 55% silver content along with up to 6% lower consumption per wafer allow 10-15% cost down.

Moreover, MY provides up to 50% higher adhesion, which results in enhanced production yields, and improves cell and module reliability. Monocrystal’s PERC package allows customers to boost efficiency gain up to 0.18%.

Our back side silver pastes for PERC are perfectly compatible with Monocrystal’s EFX-series back side aluminum PERC pastes.
Silver pastes for PERC cell design

MY-series: Efficiency & Reliability

High Cell Efficiency
Up to 0.05% gain
Excellent reliability
Adhesion on passivation layer >3 N. Low contact degradation after aging test.
Defect free firing
No penetration through passivation layer
Lower consumption
Down to 7%
Smart Product Customization

Prompt recipe optimization. Full technical compatibility with customer’s production process.

Environmentally friendly products
Lead and Cadmium free. RoHS compliant.
aluminum pastes for PERC
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