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LED phosphors

Efficiency & Reliability


Phosphor materials for LED

LED phosphors to a greater extent define color rendering index (CRI) and brightness of light emitting diods.

Monocrystal offers yellow, green and red phosphors for conventional design LEDs, remote phosphor technology and filaments, as well.

Our phosphors provide high luminescent efficiency (>97%), exact color rendering and high phase purity. Besides that, our advanced products guarantee uniform light output at the specified CCT and CRI. Our phosphors perform stable light output on LED-to-LED basis.

LED phosphors

LED Phosphors: Efficiency & Reliability

High quality light

Highest luminescent efficiency: >97%. Exact color rendering. High phase purity. Thermal stability.

High reliability

Highly uniform particle morphology. 100% quality control at every production stage.

Usable in many applications

Used for general lighting, remote cap LEDs, filaments, displays, automotive lighting, phyto-LED etc.

Proven solution for both remote and conventional phosphor
Smart product customization

Available for different laser patterns. Prompt recipe optimization.

Technological expertise in phosphors
Outstanding service

24/7 availability of contact persons. On-site technical support. Five sales offices worldwide. ISO 9001, 14001, BS OHSAS 18001 certified

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