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Quality & Reliability


Access to the largest source of high quality sapphire

To cover the growing demand in high quality sapphire capacity we double capacity every 2 years. Our current sapphire ingot capacity is 50 million 2-inch equivalent. It provides a stable supply to our customers.

Based on Yole Développement’s 2016 sapphire market data and Monocrystal’s shipments our LED sapphire market share is 44%. Thus, Monocrystal’s sapphire is in every third LED.

sapphire wafers for LED
Monocrystal's current capacity is 50 million 2-inch sapphire wafer equivalent

Key facts

Monocrystal, a part of Energomera Group, has been on the market since 1999. The company mainly focuses on sapphire for LED and metallization pastes for solar industry.

Monocrystal is a global company with 3 fabs in Russia and China, an in-house R&D institute of electronic materials and 5 sales offices worldwide. Company’s headquarters are based in Stavropol, Russia. Number of employees is over 1500.

In 2014 Yole Développement recognized Monocrystal as the largest sapphire company.

Company’s products are supplied to 25 countries across the globe, including Germany, USA, China, Japan, France, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, India and South Korea.
about Monocrystal
Monocrystal is the largest sapphire manufacturer